Uka 37/75/37


Swiss fire cube

The view of the flames (three sides) offers exciting prospects for the placement of the Uka 37/75/37 in your interior. This allows you to connect your parts by integrating it in the center of your living room for example.

With their innovative features, Swissfirecube products are a source of heat that is both sustainable and modern.

We take care of the installation and have a strong follow-up for each of our product.


SWISSFIRECUBE offers a series of products design oriented. The design is always extravagant and avant-garde, it is simplified until the last detail. That’s why all SWISSFIRECUBE products are classics. Bring a trendy touch to your home!

SWISSFIRECUBE products are equipped with the latest combustion technologies, state-of-the-art storage technology and simplified usage.

These devices have been specially developed for modern homes and are characterized by unmatched ecological combustion technology.

Black stainless steel cladding is made in Switzerland.

Technical characteristics
Measurement: width x depth x height 81.5 x 70,6 x (160 or 180) cm
Weight 425 kg or 445 kg
Power range 8 to 14 kW