The Furlana wood-burning stove seduces with its attractive design, the shape and color of which adapt to contemporary architecture: compact and reduced to the essentials.

We take care of the installation and have a strong follow-up for each of our product.

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The fire gives a warm atmosphere

We encounter spacious wood stoves whose colors are integrated into residential architecture in almost all habitat magazines. They increase the quality of the habitat and fire up the scene in a fascinating way in every design of living rooms. Our wood stoves are very aesthetic, designed to the highest technical level and built in a compact way to occupy only a small space.

Additional information

White, Grey, Dark grey, Red

Technical characteristics
Mesures : height/ base / body 160 cm / 49,0 cm / 42,5 cm
Weight 140–159 kg
Efficiency > 80 %
Range of power 4,5 – 7 kW