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Max Blank

Be it a small stove or a big insert stove by Max Blank High Quality you can touch the tradition of the brand and get a sense of the future:

Highest demands regarding originality and ecology without compromise in the field of quality and burning culture – if you add all those features, you will conclude, that the quality-price ratio is pleasantly appropriate.

We take care of the installation and have a strong follow-up for each of our product.

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Regardless of the fact if you choose a classic version of a stove or the one with baking compartment it will use the same amount of pellet or wood as it would be used only for heating or entertainment

Imagine living one or two days in today’s world without electricity. You could without any problems boil water, prepare a hot meal, get warm and even relax.

Choose the best for your environment!

Additional information

Black, Yellow orange

Technical characteristics
Measures: width x depth x height 55 x 45 x 172,5 cm
Weight 293kg
Efficiency Wood : 87% / Pellet S / XL : 86% / 85 %
Range of power Wood : 6,5kW / Pellet S / XL : 7,5 / 11 kW