Swiss fire cube

Reduced to the basics, but with all the benefits of a Swissfirecube BBQ. The Easyline series, with a height of 35cm, convinces with the same performance and functionality as all models of the brand.

The corners of the Easyline model never heat up thanks to the rear ventilation: this gives extra space for plates, cutlery or beverage.


Installation and after-sales service is provided by our own technicians.


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What’s better than a cozy dinner with friends and family in front of a crackling fire? The Swissfirecube BBQ is your ideal companion. It integrates perfectly with modern garden architecture or the roof terrace. Be it an ambient fire before, during or after the meal, the Swissfirecube is an atmospheric and warm alternative to traditional BBQ.


The trick: Depending on the amount of wood you decide on the temperature, so that each food is grilled at the right temperature. Can reach temperatures from 100 to 350 ° C.


Technical characteristics