Freshly baked bread. A bake that gets its golden yellow crust in the oven. The BACK turns not only heating, but also baking into enjoyment.

Installation and after-sales service is provided by our own technicians.

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BACK – Wood stove with integrated baking compartment

The stove for all who have a passion for baking! The RIKA BACK wood stove has an integrated baking compartment and thereby allows you to use the heat additionally for the preparation of tasty dishes or for baking. The additional view area also provides you with the requisite continuous control of your creations. The steel body can be adapted to your living space by various different decor side panels. The stove, independent of room air, is available within a performance range of 4.0 – 8.0 kW and is equipped with a RIKA air control system (RACS). Using a simple single-hand operation, this provides for the control and optimization of air supply and air distribution in the stove.

Integrated baking compartmentOwn view pane for the baking compartmentSingle-hand operation

In addition to the wood stove BACK, RIKA also features additional stoves in its product range. Find your woodburning stove.

Additional information

Black, White, Grey, Brown, Cream

Technical characteristics
Dimensions 1295 x 505 x 420 [mm]
Room heating capacity 90 – 210 m³
Output 4.0 – 8.0 kW