Reversible refractory lining.

Double ventilated hood for hot air.

Ceiling plate & flue cover.

Heat resistant, anti-smoke, anti-odour paint.

Glass-ceramic glass up to 750 ºC.

External air intake.

Primary and secondary register.

We take care of the installation and have a strong follow-up for each of our product.

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Our fireplaces are distinguished by their balanced design and excellent hand-crafted finishes that do not eschew technology, which enables us to achieve excellent performance in terms of efficiency, output and low CO emissions.

We use the most appropriate material for each part of the fireplace (steel, stainless steel, vermiculite, fire brick and cast iron), along with heat resistant paint for the outer finish.

We make versions to suit any space in your home.

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Technical characteristics
Pn 16 kW
P. Max 20 kW
Rend. 78%
C.H. 4,6kg/h
Weight 263 kg
LT 35 cm

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